Kazuri Bead Making

Clay making takes place just outside.

Clay is secured from within Kenya, including that which is reused
after cracking or breaking in the bead making process.

All the water is squeezed out (in a different machine)
and the air bubbles expelled through this Play Dough like gizmo.

Wet clay is packaged for use inside the bead making facility.

Each lady is given the clay she needs for her order.

The clay is then hand rolled into various shapes and sizes
 using a variety of helper tools.

Dies are used for larger pieces.

Once dry, the beads are coated and prepared for firing.

Leslie loved the production schedule.

The beads are painted and fired.

Kilns fire to 1,000 degrees.

Fired beads are glossy and beautiful.

Stored by general shape and size.

Now the beads are strung according to set design standards.

Non bead pieces are painted in another area.

Carolyn gave us a lovely tour.