Jacaranda Creations has created jobs for over 80 women, who are widows and single mothers, through the trade of sewing. Their skills and creativity are celebrated and their lives are forever changed by that work. When you purchase a handcrafted Creation, you are supporting these women, their children, and their future because the proceeds go back to the women in the form of income – thereby lifting them out of a state of desperation.

Jacaranda products are handcrafted by women living in the Nairobi slums. The products are made using locally sourced materials in centers near their homes. Created and crafted with quality, creativity, purpose, and care, Jacaranda products change lives.

“…she seeks wool and flax and willingly works with her hands …and provides food for her household …she extends her hand to the poor. Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy … Her clothing is fine linen and purple … She watches over the ways of her household” (Proverbs 31).