Kenana Knitters is founded on the premise of changing lives stitch by stitch with the hope to share the stories of rural Kenyan women through their handiwork of unique, hand-knitted creations. Njoro is mainly a farming area – agricultural work for the men is easier to come by than for the women – yet agricultural wages are insufficient to support large and extended families. What these women produce helps them support farming communities during the dry season and build a secure future for their children.

Kenana Knitters has continued to be self-supporting knitting co-operative and pays a fair wage. In addition, worldwide sales fund a range of welfare projects for the benefit of the knitters, their families and the wider community which include: education, vision testing, health care, and HIV/AIDS counseling.

All products are made with home spun wool, dyed with natural plant dye, and knitted with love by a huge group of happy women in Kenya. Each piece is signed by the woman who knitted it which gives them a great pride.

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