Why Handcrafts?

Handcrafts unite East Africans in their efforts to reclaim pre-colonial culture and tradition. Its rich history of arts and crafts find modern expression in a variety of forms: wood carving, leather work, sculpture and pottery, and ceremonial and religious headgear. Of particular importance is personal appearance, which gives rise to elaborate jewelry and clothing made from locally sourced materials.

The underlying philosophy behind enriching the handcraft experience in East Africa aligns with our desire to see these people develop their creative and critical thinking skills, to use the assets that surround them as a means to supply their crafting needs, and to become self reliant and God dependent.

As a result, Surprised by Hope walks alongside handcrafters and the organizations for which they work in a variety of ways including skills development, business education, consulting, spiritual growth, and product sales. You've purchased some of the beautiful jewelry made by the Konoweka Orphans and Widows Hut or some of the quilted handbags made by Jacaranda Creations.

Your purchases not only provide sustainable income for these handcrafters, but also for Surprised by Hope. We strive to reach 50% sustainable income to match your gifts and in so doing want to constantly bring new and beautiful ministry-based handcraft products to you.