Kenana Knitters Making

A warm welcome in the office,
Paddy and Kerry sent me on a tour of their operations.

Quality wool is spun and later purchased in bulk from local vendors.
The wool is dyed at Kenana using natural dyes by boiling for 2-3 hours.
After boiling, the wool is hung to dry in a fenced area
to keep the critters from using the wool to make their homes.

Beautiful, warm colors!

The wool is then weighed, recorded, and 
stored in a shipping container.

Once work assignments are given,
wool is weighed and distributed.

Most of the ladies take their knitting home,
but many frequent Kenana for the social benefits.

After knitting, the various pieces are washed and laid in the sun to dry.

I found this guy sunbathing.

Once the knitting and washing are finished,
the ladies return to Kenana to assemble the various parts.

The women seemed to thoroughly enjoy sitting together to finish their work.

This group was very boisterous,
you could easily see the value of their social connections.
Once complete, these ladies both work on their own knitting
and work to label and record inventory.

You always know who labored over these fierce animals.

And into the storage room they go fulfilling or awaiting your order.

Though some products make it as far as this beautiful retail shop.